Assesment of the long-term employability and transferable skills of youth in Europe

Need analysis will be determined in each country to determine the existing situation with regards to the long-term employability skills that are required and that are considered to be necessary for youth to enter the labour market. The need analysis will be based on 2 surveys that will be materialized by all partners and the sample will be employers. The first survey will be applied to employers and the second will be to young potential employees.

Provide a Compilation of Success Stories for the Promotion of the Use of Employability Skills in Youth Employment

Famous people will be interviewed face-to-face. Their success stories, what skills they needed most, their journey to success will be mentioned here. It is expected to motivate young people in that way. The interviews will be compiled and a short movie of 30 minutes will be created. The language of the videos will be in the partners’ own language and it will include English subtitles.

Creation of Training Contents on Employability skills

Curriculum for youth to identify, develop and enhance their long-term employability skills which will enable and promote the identification, development and enhancement of long-term employability skills of youth. The curriculum will outline the skills, performances, attitudes and values that youth are expected to learn, while it will include the syllabus, methods to be implemented and other such aspects.


Youth Employment at the WORk Life THrough Long-Term Employability Skills