Youth Employment at the WORk Life THrough Long-Term Employability Skills


Employability skills are the “key skills and personal attributes you need to enter, operate and thrive in the new world of work.” They are necessary skills for getting, keeping and being successful in a job. These competences have large impacts on access to the labor market. All these skills are also called transferable skills because they can be transferred between different job and various employment sectors. It is an undeniable fact that having work-related skills is necessary but not enough. The main thing ensuring sustainability in work life is the very long-term employability skills. These skills increase job retention time and reduce the time to leave work early. Because employers are often looking for skills that go beyond experience and technical skills. How qualified is the staff with technical skills, it is not of so much value without aforementioned employability qualities. Because employees who are lack of these competences tend to quit work. This means a waste of staff training cost for foundations. This deficiency,for foundations, leads to critical and long-term employment problems and high personnel training costs. It also causes decrease in labor and service productivity. Additionally, for the young, it leads to unemployment and social exclusion which derives from the unemployment. In sum, low employment rate and manpower of low quality adversely affect Turkey’s global competitiveness and transition to the knowledge economy.

The main purpose of this project is to determine the long-term employability skills of youth, reveal the training strategies and to create a training methodology for youth trainers. TURKONFED is the applicant organisation. Other partners are İSEM, GLOBEST, JA Turkey, IED,ITPIO,MC 2020, TDM 2000. In the Project, two different surveys will be used. The first one will be for employers to determine what qualities they expect from the new employees. Every partner will use this survey for 15 foundation. The second one will be for employees what qualities they have before the employment process. All the partners will apply these two surveys in their country. The results will be evaluated both within the local level and between the partner countries. These surveys will have local and international analysis reports. Then, Good practices will be compiled. The people having these forseen long-term employability skills and success stories will be recorded. According to all this information compiled, a training methodolody and curriculum will be created. Firstly, the youth trainers will join the training and then in every partner country pilot trainings will take place for young people. Many youth seminars will be arranged to make them aware of these skills. At last, labor market valorisation seminer will take place.