Media Creativa (MC 2020)

MC 2020 is created on 2014 from the initiative of a group of professionals with wide and recognized experience in the fields of social research, education and business management. Thus we materialized 10 years of networking and professional experience in a common entrepreneurial project, bringing together specialists in the fields of sociology, history, economy and education.
MC2020 activity focuses on 4 key elements:
– Research: social research; business feasibility and entrepreneurship support; socio-economic analysis at sectoral and inter-sectoral level; and cultural studies.
– Projects development: design; monitoring and evaluation; capacitation and competences development; technical support.
– Networking: professional and organisations networking service.
– Internationalization: translation, interpretation and internationalization support services.Collaboration is for MC2020 more than a philosophy and a methodology, which allowed us to participate as contributor to several national and international projects.

One of the priorities of MC2020 is the research and development of specific training needs analysis and learning paths that contribute to improve the unemployed people situation in the labour market, their professional competences and their employability. Young people and immigrant collective are two of the most vulnerable target groups in Spain, with unemployment rates of more than 45% and more than 35% respectively.
We are certified with the quality standard 18001:2007 (Occupational health and Safety-Prevention)