Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations

The Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (ITPIO) is a private non-profit organization – NGO with the status of Association, established in 2010. Members of the Association are currently 5 leading Bulgarian universities and colleges, the most powerful trade union in Bulgaria, one of the 6 national employers association, the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, local and regional authorities, 7 SMEs, 2 corporations, 1 private hospital, 3 adult education providers, 7 centres for vocational training, 6 NGOs active in the education and youth fields, 2 regional school inspectorates, many schools, 3 language schools, some school teachers associations and many individuals – prominent experts in the education, training, social, economic and academic spheres.
The main activities of the Institute are related to research activities and analyses, consulting of educational, employment and youth policies and practices, elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education, training and youth, strengthening the dialogue between different stakeholders in all areas of social life with the emphasis on human resources development through dissemination of information, organization of trainings, discussion forums and by improving the interrelations among national, regional, local authorities and the non-governmental sector, while following the modern trends in civic society development, respecting the different positions and points of view of the key actors in society – citizens, non-governmental organizations, youth organizations, educational institutions, local and national authorities, professional associations, trade unions, enterprises.
ITPIO general activities information
▪ Development of LLL, VET, youth and labour market policy strategic documents;
▪ Leading of VET, LLL, labour markets and general education related national and international researches
▪ Impact evaluation of Educational strategic documents implementation;
▪ Trainings through implementation of innovative approaches and methods of wide scale target groups like teachers, trainers, SMEs employees and managers, social partners representatives, disadvantaged people, refugees, entrepreneurs and etc.
▪ Training of the central and local Bulgarian public administration for the introduction of European standards and requirements in its work;
▪ Realization of research and analytical activities in connection with the implementation of the training programmes in Bulgarian educational institutions from all educational sectors and preparation of proposals for their optimization and modernization;
▪ Research and scientific, practice oriented activities in the field of the development of programmes and methodologies for ensuring of a closer relation between education and labour market.
▪ Member of the team for evaluation of the impact on the National Lifelong Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2008 – 2013 (2012).
▪ Member of the team for elaboration of National Strategy for the Development of Education and Training Professionals 2014 – 2020 (2014).
▪ National coordinator for the activities of the EC ReferNet in Bulgaria (2012 –2015).
▪ Member of 3 Monitoring Committees on implementation and impact evaluation of current Regional Lifelong Learning Strategies, developed by ITPIO –Regions of Pernik, Sliven and Blagoevgrad (2014 –present)
▪ Performing of Erasmus+ Programme impact assessment in Bulgaria (2016)Youth activities
Elaboration of methodologies for innovative trainings in different subjects, for example improving of soft skills including communication skills for higher employability, language teaching; activities in the field of strengthening the dialogue between different stakeholders in all areas of social life – education, youth, culture, communication, local and regional development; trainings of education institutions, regional and local authorities in elaboration of project proposals, management and quality assurance of projects under European programmes; development and implementation of innovative ICT approaches, tools and platforms in all levels and forms of education and training and for improvement of key competences levels of youth people; counselling and support in implementation of methods for development of learner’s especially youth, life skills and emotional intelligence as an integral part of the capacity for individual personal and professional development, counselling in networking between experts and institutions, active in education, labour market and youth fields.