Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects, (ISEM), has been established to accelerate regional development and ensure its sustainability by developing the cooperation between the public-private sectors and non-governmental organizations ensuring appropriate and efficient use of resources, and mobilizing local potential, for the implementation of the idea of a union with a more dynamic and more innovative structure in the enlargement processes, through which the European Union has been going, and regarding the democratization process in accordance with EU policies.

Having many responsibilities given by Ministry and the provincial Governship, ISEM, have a very large scope of work and seeks to find solutions to the needs of Istanbul, one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in the world. It has taken part in various EU programs (Leonardo, Socrates/Grundtvig, EQUAL, LLP, ESF, eTEN, FP, Erasmus+, H2020, IEE and etc.) and in many EU project activities both as the coordinator and as a partner so far.

Some of our basic authorities and responsibilities as follows;

– Conducting social studies and projects aimed at taking preventive and remedial measures in terms of the issues of health, entertainment, education and employment and ensuring quality planning and improvement of especially the public boides.
– Conducting opinion researches to determine social needs and priorities,
– Dealing with the social economic and security problems resulting from the domestic migration in our country, and trying to find solutions and within this scope, increasing the coordination and cooperation between the institutions
– Precluding the sense of social exclusion arising from the adaptation problems to the city life and cultural conflicts in order to establish a shared urban identity with help of social or educational activities,
– Organizing activities, workshops, seminars, discussions and symposiums,
– Leading other organizations in the province to develop good projects and backing them up by providing all the necessary knowledge and guidelines and project meetings,
– Directing the existing and future EU projects by determining priorities for Istanbul,
– Carrying out activities with institutions and organizations from the EU member countries within the scope of common fields of activities in order to discover and mobilize local potential together with suitable resources and opportunities and transform authentic dynamics into national and international social and cultural values and sustaining them, etc.